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Mini LED Downlights

Mini LED Downlights Model: YC-CB3*3W Categories: LED DownLight » Description: LED Downlights lighting Series Descriptions: This product is an embedded indoor lamp. Its outer is made of heat resistant aluminium alloy . It looks compact and elegant. Inside the lamp is the newest power saving ,high brightness and long life span LED lamps. The light is focused and reflected to achieve the best effect. Fetures: 1.Lower voltage. 2. Instant start, no flickering, no humming. 3.Environmental protection, lead-free materials. 4.No maintainace fee. 5.Energy saving up to 60%. Applications: Bus, shuttle, railcar passenger interiors Uninterrupted emergency lighting Focused reading and Task lighting Interior design uses Closet illumination Cove lighting Marine recreation applications Concealed accent lighting Edge lighting Under counter lighting Cubicle, workench lighting Recreational vehicle interios Specifications: Part No.: YC-CB03*3W Size: Φ85*70mm Light source High power white LED LED Rated luminous flux 390LM Colour tempature 3000-8000K Lamp Angle 15/25/30/45/60deg Voltage: AC120-220V/700mA Power 3*3W Working Temperature 0----65 Environmental Temperature -10---50

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