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BaoShiDa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile BaoShiDa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an established high-tech firm specialized in the research, development, engineering, and marketing of LED lighting. We have professional engineers always staying at the forefront of LED technology. Conformed to ISO9001; ISO 14001 Quality Management System, most of BSD LED productions have CE, RoHs, and UL Certifications. Based on the professional design and development, we have the top quality led productions ,Such as LED Light, LED down light, LED panel light ,LED ceiling light & LED display etc. Now BSD LED light have a 3000 square meters dust-free workshop for LED encapsulation and another 6000 square meters electronic workshop for LED lightings. There are more than 10 senior experts and 9 skilled QC staffs working in BSD working Team. We welcome distributors world wide-----Marketing support and technical assistance available We can create unique LED display boards for first-time distributors. OEM /ODM orders are also welcome. Other reasons to work with us include: Stable quality: to ensure the level of quality your market demands, we only source PCBs from MRK and boards from Taiwan. Plus, we use bridge lux and Cree LEDs a suite of QC LED light equipment: we utilize spectrometers, integrating spheres, power meters and vibration meters to evaluate our LED products performance. In addition to conducting 48-hour aging tests, we run full inspections on our items prior to delivery for your peace of mind. Large monthly capacity: equipped with high-speed placement machines and thermostatic reflow soldering machines, our 6000 factory produces up to 100,000 units monthly. We currently export our items to architecture vendors, retailers and distributors in the EU and North America. OEM/ODM ability: our R&D team, led by an engineer with 10 years of LED light experience, can work with you on your customization requirements, completing a sample in five days. For more information on the advantages of working with us, visit our global sources website. You will be impressed by our quality and prices, please contact us now! Contact us Company: Baoshida Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd Address: No.8 Kai Yuan Road, Baoshida High-tech Industrial Park Post Code/ZIP: 250101 Contact Person: Fred Wu Tel: 86-531-88800210 Fax: 86-531-88800119 Email: sales@bsdled.com Website: http://www.bsdled.com

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