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Shanghai Skyland International Co., Ltd

Company Profile Shanghai Skyland International Co., Ltd is a high technology enterprise professional engaged in scientific researching, manufacturing, marketing, technical support and service of solar energy. We have experienced technicians and salespersons, and we offer customer integrated-service including pre-sale service, after-sale service, technical support and transportation service. We have one office in Shanghai which is an international city and three factories in Zhejiang province which is nearest province to Shanghai, so it is much easier for us to talk business with you and offer you all kinds of solar energy products. The main products of our company are solar panel, solar light, solar home system, solar charger and solar toy etc. All types of energy resources are of short supply and development and utilization of solar energy is regarded as one of the solutions of new energy resources. Our company is dedicated to this new sunrise industry, which is a key industry of future world Development. Creating green energy for the world, and leave a cleaner environment and more space for our offspring. Skyland International will create a better tomorrow and in hand with you. Contact us Company: Shanghai Skyland International Co.,Ltd Address: 9th Floor, No.45 East Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China Post Code/ZIP: 201100 Contact Person: Roy Wang Tel: 86-21-51090879 Fax: 86-21-51714592 Email: info@skldintl.com Website: http://www.skldintl.com

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