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Shenzhen Moker technology Co., ltd.,

Company Profile Moker Light is your ideal business partner of LED products, electrical power, and heat-emission solution!1. Basic Information We, Shenzhen Moker technology Co., ltd.,founded in 2007, are a professional manufacturer with a staff of 550 and an area of 20,000 square meters. Moker is here in Shenzhen city, a manufacture bases, in China. 2. Products Range We have two factories, and specialize in two product lines: LED lighting fixtures/electrical power, flexible printed circuit(FPC)/printed circuit board(PCB). FPC and PCB are mainly applied in such products as LED lighting fixtures, webcam, laptop, PDA, printer, scanner, LCD, mobile phone, camera, DVD, etc. 3. Products of FPC and PCB We are equipped with the world-class automatic production line and sophisticated production technologies.Detectors and SMT machines are from US, Japan and Korea. Besides,these equipment and apparatus are used in production and test, namely, wave-soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, two-dimension tester, constant temperature and moisture tester, bending resistance tester, peel strength tester, etc. Moker has been one of the manufacturers of FPC and PCB in our city, with the most sophisticated in technology, the most advanced in equipment, and the largest in marketing shares. 4. Isolated Electrical Power These years we have been developing isolated electrical powers for LED fixtures, conforming to the quality standards of safety, high efficiency and energy-saving. In efficiency, ≥5W: more than 80%; ≥10W: More than 85%. In power factor, ≥7W: More than 0.9. 5. LED Lighting Fixtures Basing on advancements of electrical power and PC board, we have extended research and manufacture of LED lighting fixtures. We focus on the lighting categories for residence, commercial and public facilities, just like these, LED fluorescent tube, panel light, down light, bulb light, spotlight, track spotlight, ceiling light, high bay light, and flexible strips. Structures of light body and bases are designed by our engineering team, and then the new developments are moulded in our factory. So they have ideal effect of heat dissipation, and are nice looking in appearance. Therefore, our products are in nice appearance and also have an ideal heat emission effect. We are proud of these-all of these are from the talented minds and rich experience of our team, a team of more than 20 engineers and technicians. 6. A Photoelectricity Laboratory & Dustproof Workshops For strict control of quality we have established a photoelectricity lab. Prior to shipment our products have to be tested with the following instruments, integrating-sphere photometer, EMC instrument, high voltage tester, insulation resistance tester, high and low temperature tester, vibration measurement instrument, torsion meter, etc. Besides that lab, we have a dust-free workshop of ten thousand-grade of cleanness, an aging test workshop,a quality-control roomtogether with a display hall of LED products with analogue scenes. 7. Certification & Marketing We have gotten CCC, CE certification, and are working for UL safety certification. That makes our products more popular with the global markets and the end users. We have been an important supplier for LED replacement plan, system of credits exchange for LED in the world. Contact us Company: Shenzhen Moker Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Moker industrial Area, Yanshan avenue(North),Yanchuan Village,Songgang Town, Baoan District,Shenz Post Code/ZIP: 518000 Contact Person: Mr Hu Tel: +86-755-33583268 Fax: +86-755-33583266 Email: moker@mokerlight.com Website: http://www.mokerlight.com

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